Acquisition FAQs for Celgene Shareholders

câu lạc bộ nohu88Who do I contact to get information about receiving the merger consideration?

câu lạc bộ nohu88What happened with my existing Celgene shares?

What exactly is a CVR?

What is the ticker for the CVR?

Can I sell my CVR?

câu lạc bộ nohu88Why is the CVR trading for a price different than the potential $9.00 payout?

What are the tax consequences to me of receiving the merger consideration (i.e., 1 share of Bristol Myers Squibb stock, $50 cash and 1 CVR for each of my vested Celgene shares)?

câu lạc bộ nohu88What are the tax consequences of receiving the CVR milestone payment?

câu lạc bộ nohu88Is the exchange of my Celgene common shares for shares of Bristol Myers Squibb common stock and cash mandatory?

How do I exchange my Celgene shares?

câu lạc bộ nohu88What if I can’t locate all of my Celgene share certificates?

What if I have certificated Celgene shares in more than one account?

What happened to my existing Abraxis/Abraxane CVR?

Please remind me what triggers a payout under the Abraxis CVR (CELGRT, formerly CELGZ)?

câu lạc bộ nohu88Who is the exchange agent?


FAQs for BMY Shareholders

Frequently asked questions about Bristol Myers Squibb shares.

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