Global Diversity & Inclusion

câu lạc bộ nohu88We view diversity in the broadest sense - including age, ethnicity, race, culture, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, abilities and disabilities, religion, socioeconomic background, veteran status, thinking styles, and life experiences, among other differences.

Global Diversity and Inclusion

Through a culture of inclusion, we create an agile and responsive work environment where the diverse experiences and perspectives of all our employees help to drive innovation and transformative business results.

Title VII Statement
Our Statement on Recent Developments in the U.S. Affecting the LGBTQ+ Community

câu lạc bộ nohu88The Supreme Court decision is a positive step, but we recognize that there is still work to be done, as LGBTQ+ people continue to face discrimination in many areas of life.

Supplier Diversity

We actively seek to include small and diverse supplierscâu lạc bộ nohu88 in our strategic sourcing and procurement processes. 

The Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

The company's workforce diversity efforts are complemented by the work of our Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, which focuses on addressing health disparities on a global scale.

Bristol Myers Squibb Global Diversity & Inclusion e-Newsletter 

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Equal Employment Opportunity
Our commitment to a culture that is powerfully diverse and broadly inclusive expresses itself in everything we do and in every place we do it.
Representation is just one way in which we evaluate our diversity efforts. Over the years, the diversity of our organization at every level continues to grow.
People and Business Resource Groups

câu lạc bộ nohu88People and Business Resource Groups (PBRGs) represent one key strategy we use to support the business objectives, career advancement and development needs of our employees.

câu lạc bộ nohu88Employees voluntarily come together around a single dimension of diversity to help drive business results.

Members network, learn skills, participate in learning development events and contribute to the company's business objectives in a tangible way.

Global Diversity & Inclusion Learning and Development Programs
The company offers a broad range of best-in-class professional training and education for the career advancement and leadership development of employees.